Current projects

These projects are either “work in progress”, or “completed” (in the sense that it’s complete and stable, but suggestions are also wanted for improvements).

    • A very basic web page for all sorts of different “quick tools”. Currently has the following:
      • Basic DayZ server browser (with sorting capabilities)
      • Twitch subscriber badge checker
  • DecAPI –  GitHub
    • A site designed to create APIs for chatbots like Nightbot, Ankhbot and Phantombot to utilize.
    • Check out this blog post to see how to integrate it into bots.
    • For “advanced users” – Take a look at the documentation.
  • Twitch Log Bot –  GitHub
    • Logs a few Twitch chats.
    • Can retrieve messages by channel, username or both, sorted by latest first.

Older projects

These projects are primarily blog posts covering different things. Some of them are guides, others mainly just give an overview of things. Can be a bit more user-friendly as the posts generally document each subject further than just a short description.


My Twitch projects are mainly web-based, which means that some of them can also be utilized elsewhere other than Twitch.

Garry’s Mod [Lua]

These are mainly addons created for server owners using the ULX admin mod.