Edit - 2017-06-23:

This hasn’t been updated with new custom APIs that I’ve added over time from feature requests and such. If you want an over of what extra those might be, I suggest you take a look at the DecAPI documentation, even though it lacks good examples.


Over time I’ve written several “custom APIs” for certain things I’d find useful to have in chat, so that it’s a bit easier for myself and other chat moderators.
Some of these custom APIs are already documented on this blog such as the latest tweet, uptime or subscriber count.
Before moving on to covering all of the custom APIs, I will mention a few things beforehand:

  • In most cases, you will be able to utilize other variables that the bot supports.
  • For each custom API I will only provide the URL for it as well as a description of it. This URL has to be inserted in the specific bot’s respective variables.
    • You can find the variables below where you replace CUSTOM_API_URL_HERE with the URL of the custom API you wish to use.
    • If your bot isn’t listed here it’s still possible it has the ability to utilize these custom APIs. Please refer to your bot’s own documentation for information regarding this.
  • Example/placeholder parameters will be surrounded by ‘curly brackets’, for example {CHANNEL}.
    • Do not include these ‘curly brackets’ in the actual URLs. Example if the channel name is decicus, then you replace {CHANNEL} with just decicus.
  • Optional parameters will be covered per custom API, for those that this applies to.



  • https://decapi.me/twitter/latest?name={USERNAME}
    • Description: Gets the latest tweet of the specified user.
    • Optional parameters:
      • no_rts – Ignores retweets and gets the latest normal tweet.
      • url – Appends the direct URL of the tweet. Looks like this: This is a tweet - TWEET_URL_HERE
      • howlong – Appends how long it has been since the tweet was tweeted out. Looks like this: This is a tweet - 12 hours, 4 minutes ago
    • Notes: Your Twitter profile (and tweets) needs to available to the public for this to function properly.
    • Example: https://decapi.me/twitter/latest?name=Decicus&no_rts&howlong&url
  • https://decapi.me/twitter/latest_url?name={USERNAME}
    • Description: Gets the direct URL of the latest tweet for the specified user.
    • Optional parameters:
      • howlong – Appends how long it has been since the tweet was tweeted out. Looks like this: https://twitter.com/Decicus/status/745039600473767941 - 12 hours, 4 minutes ago
      • include_replies – Gets the latest URL of the latest tweet, regardless if it was a normal tweet or a reply to another tweet.
    • Example: https://decapi.me/twitter/latest_url?name=Decicus



End notes:

Congratulations! You have reached the end of my post. Hopefully you’ll find some use out of these custom APIs I’ve developed.
If you have any questions or other concerns, please join the Discord server for these custom APIs or check out my contact page.
If you would like to help with any financial costs I have (hosting isn’t free!), you can send a one-time “tip” via this link or support me through Patreon.

Thanks for reading!