Hello and welcome to the first, “hello world”-type post of my blog.

My name is Alex Thomassen, and I’m a developer from Norway and this blog will mainly consist of my projects, which are often Twitch-related, but can also be related to other things I have done in the past.

Feel free to take a look at my posts and see if you find anything interesting. You can also follow my ramblings on  Twitter if you wish to do so.

Thanks for stopping by!

– Alex Thomassen

  • CptNemo71

    Why did I not know about this blog earlier?
    You should promote this more Cactus, it’s so useful.
    iwinOmg iwinCactus

    • I usually post it to Twitter whenever I post something new or I update a post with some useful information, but of course I can only do so much.

  • MiiDVeD

    Disgusting. <3