I don’t write a whole lot on this blog (especially considering my last post was in July 2014), but I decided to do a little write-up on something I noticed recently.

I have a somewhat ongoing project that allows people to use a command together with Nightbot’s song request/AutoDJ and “search” for the title/name of song or whatever. This is similar to Moobot’s song request command, but does require a little bit of trickery.

A couple of days ago, I went to check my Google Developer Console. This is where all the API stuff is for Google and YouTube things, including this project. I looked at the usage for the first time, and I’ve been averaging about 60,000 requests per day the last 30 days.

Nightbot - YouTube Data API stats
The latest one is a little low, since it hasn’t been 24 hours yet.

Originally I only shared this around with streamers I know, but I also created a web page for the project. This web page shows up a few places, including Google if you search for “Nightbot song request” (or something similar) as part of a Reddit post on /r/Twitch, but it’s also directly linked on the second page of the Google search.

It blew my mind.

So for those of you that have used it… Thank you? I don’t really know what to say. Hopefully it has worked out for you.

On the development side of things…

To be completely honest; I haven’t touched the script in months. I still need to tweak it when it comes to picking just music, but certain things cause issues when using the normal categorizing of YouTube. So yeah, it works exactly the same as it’s been working the last few months. Nothing new there… for now.

Nightbot – Song Request by Search (Stats/Update)